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Down to Earth


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Down to Earth

Down to Earth podcast grew a rapid following by making deep theology accessible for everyday life. A community of thinking Christians are being catalyzed to live out following Jesus in meaningful ways. 

Known for their banter, listeners often remark about laughing hard and feeling like they are hanging out with Jess and Joyce over a cup of coffee. You’re invited to join this learning community as we figure out how to follow Jesus together in the 21st century.

Latest Episode

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Jessica DiSabatino is a renowned communicator in both business environments and the Church. She is theologically deep and yet able to connect with her audiences both through her candid humor and because of the suffering narratives that have shaped her life. Following the death of her younger brother, Jess and her dad founded MySafeWork, a philanthropic initiative to bring justice to workplaces in Canada and around the world. For this ground-breaking work, Jess received the Governor General’s award in 2016, which is the highest honor a Canadian citizen can receive. 


In tandem with her foundation work, Jess has pastored in various churches for over twenty years and currently serves as lead pastor of JourneyChurch in Calgary, AB. When Jess is not playing with her husband and four kids, or her Goldendoodle, Nacho, she is busy resurrecting her 1980s rap career.


Joyce Rees has pastored for thirty years. In addition, she is a sought-after speaker for diverse parts of the Church as an exceptional communicator, known especially for her teaching on justice. 


Joyce was the founding director of Jacob's Well, an intentional Christian community in Vancouver's downtown eastside – the poorest postal code in Canada. During her decade living and working there she also planted the Strathcona Vineyard Church. Since 2014 she has served as co-lead pastor of Epic Vineyard Church in Calgary, and also works bi-vocationally for Vineyard Canada as their Resource Coordinator since 2019. 


Joyce loves adventuring with her husband and two sons, as well as complex cooking, reading pretty much everything, and many diverse artistic pursuits. A passion for good coffee features prominently in her life, as well as long walks with her dog, Roscoe, who is Nacho’s brother!


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Lance Bartel

is a doctor based in Golden, BC. He says, “Every episode has stories that stick with me and encouragement for how I can deepen my relationship with Jesus. While I have many favourite episodes, a standout one is S1E10 "Getting Practical About Justice. My family and church are very justice focused but I find it challenging to know how to seek God’s justice practically in my every-day life. This episode flipped things around for me! It got me thinking about justice as a way to develop relationships rather than justice being reduced to me bringing something to marginalized people.”


Jasmine Ball

is a Toronto based musician who is part of our listening community. She says, “It was hard to pick a favorite episode. Some of them had me cracking with laughter, some had me wanting to live in my bible, but S1E16 ‘God’s Heart for Justice” got into me deep and ignited a purpose. This episode redirected me. Even just re-listening to it now, I’m crying. This podcast feels like you are having a chat with a close friend, but all the while you are learning, laughing, and being inspired.”


Marlise Kelsey

is an executive marketing director from Langley, BC. She says, “S2E7 Racism & Power was very thought-provoking. If you're sure you aren't racist, this podcast might stop you in your tracks and force you to re-think. It did for me. It really got me to dig deeper into my tendencies to often miss the mark. I had to really reflect on some of my grids after listening to Joyce and Jess on this one. Their take on this topic is both humbling and empowering, causing me to reflect and giving me action steps to grow. I think I'm a better person for having listened.”

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Kristen Schmaus

 is a Community Engagement Coordinator for the Mustard Seed in Edmonton. She wrote to us saying, “I was introduced to the podcast through a good friend. I was preparing to teach a class at Prairie College and you two were my companions as I made the trek from Edmonton to Three Hills each Monday morning and back again Tuesday evening. Our class listened together to the episode on Lament and it stimulated a rich discussion time. It was an easy decision to become a Patreon supporter, and I’m thrilled you are focusing on Power in Season 2. I’m excited to dovetail all that I’m learning at the Mustard Seed with the theological conversation you both bring!”



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